We are happy to announce that Metta Gluten Free Flour/Atta is now available at the following stores in the Dallas area…


Hareli Fresh Market: 2525 Main St Suite 430 Frisco, TX 75036   (469)-980-7222

Spice Bazaar: 4681 Ohio Dr #105 Frisco, TX 75035    (214) 618-3175


Hello! India: 3275 Regent Blvd, Irving, TX 75063    (833) 435-6463

We are so excited that so many people are loving this flour and report finally being able to enjoy eating flour flatbreads/tortillas again! Contact us here to let us know where you are in the USA or even in the world, and we will try our best to bring it to a store near you!

With Loving-kindness,

Metta gluten free flour/atta team