Our Story

Our gluten-free atta is called Metta, meaning loving-kindness in Pali. It is created out of love for family, children, tradition, and because taste and texture do matter!

Metta was inspired by my son who was diagnosed with a gluten-sensitivity when he was eight years old. This meant no more Indian flatbreads, or rotis, which is a staple in South Asian cuisine. Metta was developed after many iterations and years of trial and error. It wasn’t enough that it was gluten-free, taste and texture also mattered! The rotis had to taste, feel, and look like the traditional wheat-based ones do. They had to be soft with just the right degree of chewiness and had to fluff up on the skillet, or tawa. Finally, a gluten-free flour blend that makes deliciously nutritious flatbreads we grew up eating and loving!

Other tried and tested uses for Metta Gluten-Free Atta:

  • Parathas
  • Puris
  • Samosas
  • Tortillas

For recipes and instructions go to the Recipes page. Don’t forget to share your recipes and other ways you found to use Metta Gluten-Free Atta in your kitchen.