• We have been searching for allergen-friendly flours and tortillas for years, and we've finally found it! Metta atta is perfect! The dough comes out soft and pliable, and the taste is delicious - rich and flavorful. The rotis are so easy to make and go with any meal! We make them for breakfast with honey, or for dinner with any entree. Living with multiple allergies just got easier! Thank you!
    Michelle R, Frisco, Texas
  • Love love love this product ! Have tried several gluten free options in the past but have hated the almost chalky pasty consistency and after taste. This product does not disappoint. It is versatile and overall healthy with no soy and the best part is it does not have to be limited to only family members with gluten allergies. I am a fan !! Do try it !!
    Bhawna N, Coppell, Texas
  • I love this atta. It is better than other brands that are full of soya and corn. Roti made from this atta come out very soft, tasty and delicious. My wish got fulfilled after I tried this product that give me taste of real roti. I encourage everyone to buy this atta and enjoy its taste.
    Prem A., Morton Grove, IL
  • This is an incredible product! It rolls nicely and tastes fantastic! We’ve had great success making samosas, roti, and puri. Everything has turned out wonderful and left my family wanting more! Now, if only our favorite Indian Restaurant would use this ... 🤞
    Sarah A. Indianapolis, IN
  • I tried the Atta and prepared Chappathi ... it was so good ...it was not very sticky while preparing the dough and everyone in our family enjoyed the chappathi as it was very soft and tasty...
    Sasikala B, Frisco, Texas
  • I made rotis and LOVED it. The texture, the way - we tore it and dipped it, I liked it... I’m coming for more packages
    Maya R, Wiley, TX
  • I made the dough with metta atta.. found it really easy to knead actually 😀 loved the rotis made with this atta. My older son loved the paratha and the little one enjoyed mooli ka paratha.
    Ena S, Frisco, TX
  • I am very satisfied with that atta, I used the atta for making parathas. The parathas were very soft and my entire family enjoyed it. I am definitely buying more of this product!!
    Monalisa P, Frisco, TX
  • I liked the atta a lot. Definitely a great alternative for those who are avoiding wheat.
    Mita S, Nutritionist, Frisco, TX
  • I love your gluten-free Metta atta. First when I tried to make pulkas, they came out a little stiff though they tasted good. But when I tried making parathas with a little oil they came out awesome! We all loved it.
    Vandana R, Frisco, TX
  • You are really onto something with this atta...it is the best of all the gluten free attas that I have tried. I was actually able to make regular rotis!!
    Garima K, Frisco, Texas
  • I give it a 10/10. Roti was soft and puri was the softest. I ate it without sabji and it tasted very good. Real test will be my grandson when he tries the samosas next week.
    Madhu A, Houston, Texas